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    Market-leading booking journey that is 70% quicker to checkout

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    Robust data analytics and insights

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Online ticketing for pop-up cinemas

Beyonk enables you to maximise revenue through pop-up cinema ticket sales making managing bookings easy and checking-in guests a breeze so you can get some popcorn, stick your feet up, sit back and relax.

Here at Beyonk, we offer the most flexible and configurable booking platform on the market. We make business management effortless with our user-friendly system and app store which allows you to add in the tools you need to suit your business requirements.

Do more with your marketing and sales efforts by using our Zapier integration which connects your Beyonk account to over 5,000 external apps such as Gmail, Mailchimp and Slack. This allows you to update your CRM every time a customer makes a booking, automatically send emails requesting visitors to fill in a digital waiver prior to their arrival and so much more.

Beyonk is the ultimate choice for organisations like yours looking to get the most out of their booking system.

Maximise revenue by upselling, cross selling and gift vouchers

Did you know you can generate 9% more annual revenue by utilising add-ons during the checkout process? 

By offering extras such as an onsite food or a premium drinks package, customers are much more likely to upgrade their experience or purchase additional experiences using our shopping cart functionality. 

We also give you the option of creating group discounts, affiliate codes and setting up gift vouchers to help increase revenue opportunities.

Quick and easy ticketing solutions

We are passionate about creating the best online booking experience possible, therefore we are continually making changes and adding new features to improve our software, many of which are ideas first brought to us by current clients.

Beyonk is the ultimate, award-winning booking solution for your business, as we put usability at the heart of everything we do.

Our technical specialists work hard to ensure all of our complex ticketing features are built in a user-friendly way, so you spend less time worrying about how to use your booking system and more time on what’s important.


Shopping cart functionality

We’ve all been there. Adding items to our online shopping cart and before we know it we have spent hundreds of pounds on material things. But what if we could have the same cart functionality for experiences too? 

With Beyonk, we allow you to enable customers to purchase more than one experience with you and check out all in the same purchase.

Gather feedback from questionnaires

Would you like the ability to send customers a detailed questionnaire and gather feedback about your activities?

Beyonk allows you to set up questionnaires which your system will automatically send to customers after their visit. 

This way, you’ll know what visitors liked about your service and what they think you could improve on, thereby allowing your business to continually grow.


Ticketing features


Unrivalled customer support

We have a dedicated support team available 24/7 to help you get the most out of your Beyonk booking system.


Reduce admin with automated emails

Create personalised emails which you can automate so you spend less time worrying about managing customer relationships.


Cost effective with no hidden fees

Keep your costs down with Beyonk. You won’t have to pay a penny until you start receiving bookings.


QR codes & scanning

Greet visitors fast and efficiently by scanning their virtual QR codes.


Business reporting, and sales analysis

See how your business is performing with a single glance at our detailed reports.


Customer self-serve

Minimise your admin responsibilities by allowing customers to find and purchase experiences online.

Why Beyonk?

The future of selling experiences begins with Beyonk. We’re the fastest growing platform with over a 50% referral rate. We’ve built a bespoke system that allows businesses like yours to operate easily without the usual complexity involved.


What our customers say


Beyonk is a game changer for booking tours, every business should have it! Fantastic and so easy to navigate.

Memory Lane Tours


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