Booking system integration with email

Beyonk sends you an email every time a booking is made and to confirm when you have made refunds or amendments to bookings. When customers book with you, there are 3 emails you can amend from the booking confirmation, the booking reminder and the post event thank you email, which asks for feedback, reviews and social follows so you can build your community.

With Beyonk classic, you have an inbuilt messaging system, so customers can enquire and they can discuss their booking with you. Each enquiry sent to you, also is sent directly to your email. When you respond to the email, it automatically updates the Beyonk messaging system and the customer so you have a central record of all communications with each client. This is great if you're collaborating with your team and want to keep all messages in one place, and also great to give you a single client record. You can turn off the enquiry system at any point by contacting our support team if you'd rather people just email you directly, however, this does have the one disadvantage of stopping written enquiries coming through from the Beyonk marketplace.

As well as Beyonk's internal messaging system which automatically links to your email, you can also set up email notifications for when bookings are made using Zapier.

How it works

Beyonk and BookingHound

No action is required from you for all the emails to work, this is a base feature of the platform to streamline communications between your customers and you. Simply get bookings and you'll be notified. Get enquiries and you'll be able to respond from dashboard. For any specific help on messaging, please get in contact with our expert team, or check out our help articles!

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