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Covering activities and events, Beyonk is the leading ticketing system for park and farm providers to sell tickets and manage operations more efficiently.

  • Market-leading booking journey that is 70% quicker to checkout

  • Real-time booking availability

  • Fully optimized mobile platform

  • Robust data analytics and insights

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The Best Ticketing System For Parks And Farms

Manage walk-ins and online bookings with ease by investing in a new, all-in-one ticketing system for your business.

Mitigate bad weather by taking funds in advance and reduce queues by creating multiple booking slots a day. Our built in QR scanner also ensures the admissions process runs as smoothly as possible.

Beyonk is the leading platform for parks and farms to sell tickets and grow their businesses.

Trusted by top park and farm providers


Quick and easy ticketing solutions

Our mission is to make it effortless for your customers to book with you, and simpler for you to set up and customise the booking journey.

Designed to solve your unique challenges, our platform makes advanced ticket management and powerful scheduling easy. Whether it's pre-paid tickets or last-minute bookings “at the door”, our platform is fast and simple. We've designed everything to be self-explanatory and easy-to-use, so you can minimize your daily admin time and keep your customers happy.

Effortlessly control crowds

Utilize Beyonk's software to set capacity limits for every booking slot and ensure the admission process is seamless with our QR ticket scanners. Ensure your customers have the best experience at your parks and farms by controlling admissions throughout the day.


We've joined forces with the National Farm Attractions Network…

Recently, we joined forces with National Farm Attractions, who are the only independent co-operative for farm and rural attractions and their aim is to unite all attractions in the UK. There are a large number of parks and farms in the UK and it's our belief they all deserve to be seen.

Together, with National Farm Attractions, we want to bring all the farm attractions in the UK to the forefront of the tourism industry.

Integrate with ease

Don't be afraid to switch booking systems. Beyonk's software has been designed with the user in mind. There's no long, complicated set up processes, all our features have been created so any and all staff members have the ability to create and update your bookings.

Seamlessly integrate your new ticketing system with your website by copying the code we provide you with. Your brand new, customizable software can be live in a matter of minutes.


Reach new customers

Choosing Beyonk as your ticketing system provider gives you access to our exclusive network of partners. Organizations such as Visit CornwallGo New Forest and many more actively work alongside Beyonk to help clients increase their online ticket sales and maximize their revenue opportunities.

Ticketing features


Quick and easy event ticketing

Our software has been developed with you in mind. You could have your new system set up within a matter of minutes - it's that easy to use!


Complex scheduling and ticketing made simple

Our system allows you to host multiple events during the same day, set capacity limits and include add-ons for VIP customers seamlessly.


No hidden fees

We don't charge hosting or sign-up fees. Get started customizing the booking journey for free.


Use our audience finder to reach more customers

Want to reach more customers? Our audience finder allows you to target new audiences and increase your online presence.


Fully customize the booking journey

Set multiple ticket types, add-ons and send personalized email confirmations and reminders to get customers excited for your upcoming event.


We’re gift-aid friendly

Increase the value of donations for your activities and events through tax relief and maximize the income for your organization.

Why Beyonk?

It's our goal to make booking experiences easier for all. Our system makes selling park and farm tickets simple and cost effective for your business, whilst allowing you to customize the booking journey to delight your customers.

Choosing Beyonk as your booking system provider opens you up to a network of tourist boards such as Visit Cornwall and Visit Cumbria who will work alongside us to promote your activities and events. Maximize your reach with us and attract new audiences.


What our customers say


We started working with Beyonk when we reopened in summer 2021, initially as a way to help us monitor capacity levels in line with covid regulations. It proved to be one of the best decisions we have made. Not only did it help us set capacity limits, but it also helped us to monitor ticket sales in 'real time' making it so much easier to plan for each day. The system is very easy to use both from an administrator's point of view, and for the customer facing staff who can easily check visitors in or amend bookings at the touch of a button. The team at Beyonk have also been incredibly helpful and easy to work with from the start. It has quickly become an integral part of our operations and we would not be without it now.

Quince Honey Farm


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